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Earth One Amazing Day

Spend twenty-four hours on the most amazing planet in the known universe, Earth.

Experience Earth's creatures in a way never filmed before - up close and personal, using filming techniques that let us share the intimacy of their lives.

Witness the power of our planet, in a day that will change how you look at life. See the World in a way will help us make connections you’ve never imagined. All animals are connected to the planet we call home – and shaped by the forces which drive it. Even the most familiar species – ourselves!

Earth One Amazing Day image

Goldcrest's Involvement

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Cast and crew

Peter Webber (Academy Award nominee The Girl with the Pearl Earring)
Richard Dale (BAFTA and Peabody nominee The Human Body)

Stephen McDonogh (Walking With Dinosaurs)


Genre: Documentary / Factual

Runtime: 86 minutes

Year of production: 2017


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