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"An absorbing tale…Marvellously acted." Variety

Another Country

Inspired by the life of one of Britain’s most notorious traitors Guy Burgess, Another Country, is set in a public school in the 1930s. It depicts a rigid system of privilege, hypocrisy and repression as maintained by the English upper classes of the time. When refusal to conform ends in public humiliation for deeply idealistic, Guy, the enemy within is born.

Cannes Film Festival: Best Artistic Contribution, 3 BAFTA Nominations including Best Screenplay

Another Country image

Cast and crew

Marek Kanievska (Where the Money is, Less than Zero)

Alan Marshall (Starship Troopers, Hollow Man)

Julian Mitchell (Wilde)

Rupert Everett (An Ideal Husband, My Best Friend’s Wedding), Colin Firth (Academy Award winner, The King’s Speech, A Single Man)

Orion Classics


Genre: Drama

Runtime: 90 minutes

Year of production: 1984


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