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Elvis & Anabelle

Anabelle is a small town beauty queen being groomed for success by her overly ambitious mother. Elvis is working without a license at his father’s mortuary, bound by family duty from following his dreams. Their worlds collide when Anabelle tragically ends up on Elvis‘ embalming table and love blossoms in the strangest way.

Newport Beach Film Festival:
Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking
Joe Mantegna, Outstanding Performance in Acting
Blake Lively, Breakout Performance

Elvis & Anabelle image

Cast and crew

Will Geiger (Ocean Tribe)

Nick Quested, Carolyn Pfeiffer

Blake Lively (Gossip Girl, Green Lantern), Max Minghella (The Social Network), Joe Mantegna, Keith Carradine, Mary Steenburgen

The Weinstein Company


Genre: Drama

Runtime: 105 minutes

Year of production: 2007


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