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In A Day

In this impulsive, dialogue driven character piece, young struggling female musician Ashley Brandstead has an unpleasant encounter with a stranger one particular morning. This disturbing incident jump-starts what turns out to be a very curious, humorous and random day with another stranger, twenty-something - seemingly genuine - but odd Michael. By his subtle and not so subtle persuasions and throughout their experiences and peculiar conversations, Ashley begins to suspect that Michael’s actions might have an ulterior motive, one that makes a difference in their relationship once that mystery is revealed.

Best Screenplay, Method Fest
Grand Prize and Best Feature, Rhode Island International Film Festival
Audience Award, Santa Cruz Film Festival

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Cast and crew

Evan Richards

Evan Richards, Rowan Athale

Evan Richards

Lorraine Pilkington (Human Traffic), Finlay Robertson

IFC Films


Genre: Drama

Runtime: 80 minutes

Year of production: 2006


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