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The impulsive and beautiful Georgia drags her unwilling boyfriend Matt to the remote English countryside to prove the existence of the legendary Beast of Exmoor. Armed with cameras, they meet Fox, an eccentric hunter with over 20 years hunting experience who has agreed to act as their guide. He believes the beast has tasted human flesh and will shoot on sight if necessary. As they enter a suffocating forest and discover the truth behind the missing girls they find themselves prey to a horrifying hunt with no means of escape.

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Cast and crew

Luke Hyams

David Gilbery, Wayne Marc Godfrey, Robert Jones

Luke Hyams

Melia Kreiling (Company of Heroes), Nick Blood (Trolled), Mark Bonnar, Simone Kirby (Season of the witch), Olivia Popica (Rebribution)


Genre: Horror

Runtime: 0 minutes

Year of production: 2014


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