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"As a mixer it is very important to understand the emotional stages characters travel through in each scene. This allowed me to identify which elements needed to be intensified or brought down in order to support the storytelling. For this film, we played a lot with the surrounds for example; we were able to pan, diverge and balance elements within the mix theatre, creating a claustrophobic environment that mirrored the protagonist's internal struggles."

Candela Palencia - Goldcrest re-recording mixer and mix technician

El Silencio Del Pantano

"Q" is a former journalist and successful author of crime novels. In reality Q is a cold-blooded psychopath living with a compulsion to kill and using his crimes as storylines for his novels.

El Silencio Del Pantano image

Goldcrest's Involvement

Candela Palencia - Goldcrest re-recording mixer and mix technician worked with one of Spains leading Supervising Sound Editors, Pelayo GutiƩrrez to complete the mix at Ad-hoc studios Madrid. Working in the largest mix room in Spain, (1296 m3) and using their Avid S6 she worked across the board covering dialogue, music and effects.

The film tells the story of a successful crime novelist who compiles his new work around the theme of political corruption and sound was absolutely integral to the narrative. Candela had to balance the intense two main landscapes (the stark contrast between the isolated marshland and busy suburban Valencia) whilst still maintaining clarity through the complex storyline as reality begins to merge with the fictional world.

The soundscape formed was therefore extremely rich, with layers of nuance that shaped and brought the story to life.

Cast and crew


Genre: Action / Thriller

Runtime: 92 minutes

Year of production: 2019


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