PostMike Horn: Pole to Pole 360

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Mike Horn: Pole to Pole 360

For twenty-five years, Mike Horn has sought to inspire and educate, pushing the expectations and limits of human ability through an unmatched résumé of unbelievable feats. Pole to Pole 360° will see Mike attempt to be the first person in history to circumnavigate the globe in a continuous manner, from north to south in less than one year.

Travelling under his own power, he will makesolo journeys to both South and North Poles, crossing Antarctica and the Arctic Ocean on foot and on skis. Mike will teach the world about human performance and endurance, talk about climate and the changes ahead, and explain why the future of our wildlife is in danger. In between, he will travel via his sailing vessel, Pangaea, crossing the Pacific and Atlantic.

To the normal man this is a preposterous undertaking. To Mike, it is another adventure, an opportunity to share the untouched, unseen and extremely dangerous places of the world.

Mike Horn: Pole to Pole 360 image

Cast and crew

Dirk Collins

Nick Quested (Emmy-Winning Restrepo)

Mike Horn


Genre: Action / Thriller, Documentary / Factual, TV Series

Runtime: 8 minutes

Year of production: 2015


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