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Rafea: Solar Mama

Rafea is a Bedouin woman who lives with her four daughters in one of Jordan's poorest desert villages on the Iraqi border. She is given a chance to travel to India to attend the Barefoot College, where illiterate grandmothers from around the world are trained in 6 months to be solar engineers. If Rafea succeeds, she will be able to electrify her village, train more engineers, and provide for her daughters. Even when she returns as the first female solar engineer in the country, her real challenge will have just begun. Will she find support for her new venture? Will she be able to inspire the other women in the village to join her and change their lives? And most importantly, will she be able to re-wire the traditional minds of the Bedouin community that stand in her way? W

Rafea: Solar Mama image

Cast and crew

Mona Eldaief, Jehane Noujaim

Mette Heide

Abu Badr, Umm Badr, Raouf Dabbas, Rafea



Genre: Documentary / Factual

Runtime: 75 minutes

Year of production: 2012


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