NewsGoldcrest Teams with World's Greatest Explorer

Goldcrest Teams with World's Greatest Explorer

Thursday, 9th October 2014

Goldcrest announced today that the company is joining forces with OneEyedBird to co-produce and distribute the groundbreaking new television series Mike Horn: Pole to Pole 360. The series will document Mike Horn's unprecedented attempt to circumnavigate the globe from North to South in a continuous manner in under a year.  The expedition is set to begin in September 2015.

Horn is the undisputed adventurer of our time with exploits that include solo circumnavigations of the Equator and Arctic Circle, 8,000Emeter summits and swimming the length of the Amazon.

Beyond exploration, Horn is an educator and motivational coach whose clients include the FIFA 2014 World Cup winning German football team and the Indian cricket team who won the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup.   

Nick Quested, Executive Director Goldcrest Films notes, “Goldcrest has long been associated with inspirational figures and their extraordinary stories but Mike Horn may be the most radical of them all. Pole to Pole 360 will be a visceral thrill for the viewers. We will put cameras where they have never been before and show you an individual achieving something that has never been accomplished.”

 Through the Pole to Pole Expedition, Horn will make solo journeys to both the North and South Poles, crossing the Arctic Ocean and Antarctica on foot and by skis. When not battling nature solo, Horn will be on board his sailing vessel Pangea for the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean crossings. Along for the adventure, the audience will experience Horn's preparation, struggle and success. The backbone of the story will capture Horn's journey while the broader topic of climate change and human endurance will give the series deeper meaning and provide real time reporting from a man who's life is intertwined with both.   

"A continuous north to south circumnavigation is one of the last great exploratory expeditions remaining but it is much more than a feat of endurance.” Horn said, “It is an opportunity to show the world first hand many of the challenges humans are about to face. The ability to share and broadcast my journey in real time is what excites me the most. It is an opportunity to educate, influence and raise awareness."   

Pole to Pole is the greatest exploratory expedition of the 21st Century – pushing athletic, scientific and environmental boundaries while generating media that educates and inspires a global audience. Mike Horn: Pole to Pole 360 will deliver editorial and promotional content in real time through social and digital platforms in advance of the series broadcast.  

Dirk Collins, award winning adventure filmmaker, will direct the series. Collins, Co-Founder of Teton Gravity Research and President of OneEyedBird, has 25 films and nearly 100 episodes of television to his credit with the latest being EpicQuest for Outside. "Mike is a pioneer,” commented Dirk Collins “Through his exploration he has witnessed first hand many of the challenges we as humans are facing. Pole to Pole 360 is not just a story about Mike, it is a story about human potential and the challenges we much overcome as a species."